The Clear Quran For Kids – A Review

The Clear Quran For Kids – A Review

The Clear Quran For Kids by Dr. Mustafa Khattab – A Review

This honest review is written in exchange for a copy of “The Clear Quran for Kids” by Dr. Mustafa Khattab. All opinions are of my own and not influenced in any way.

Assalam Alaikum and Peace!

I had a copy The Clear Quran by Dr. Mustafa Khattab which is a thematic translation of the Quran. It is a wonderful translation that deserves a review of its own. However, when Dr. Khattab announced that he is releasing a translation for children, I was over the moon and could not wait to get my hands on it. The Clear Quran for Kids has been a part of our Morning Basket for the past month, and we do the translation of one surah each week from the 30th Juz. My daughter has been absolutely loving it and she loves going through the illustrations and side stories on her own and has read some of the funny ones to me out loud.

Layout of Clear Quran for Kids

The Clean Quran for children is a translation of the last 5 juz of the Quran and Surah Fatiha. ( Surah 1, and 49-114) It is a hardcover book, and the pages are of a high-quality glossy finish.

Each translation of a Surah starts with learning points followed by an illustration. The Surahs are divided into headings based on themes. In addition to that, there is a background story to the surah to explain the historical context in which it was revealed, followed by side stories that help children understand the surah (my six-year-old particularly enjoys these)

Words of Wisdom – I personally feel this to be the gem of the entire book. It provides answers to some of the most difficult questions asked by children. My daughter has started asking some of them, and as parents, we want to provide them with an answer that is in accordance with the Quranic teachings and also easy for them to understand.

An example of such question that my daughter has asked: “Why are there no female prophets in Islam?” I could come nowhere near the explanation The Clear Quran provided.

How is The Clear Quran for Kids different from other Translations?

The most unique aspect of this translation is that it has been edited for children, by children and reviewed by qualified school teachers and professional editors to ensure the meanings are in place. (picture of the sample in the book) The purpose of writing this translation was for the children to be able to connect with the Quran and understand it.

taken from The Clear Quran for Kids by Dr. Mustafa Khattab

This translation does not just translate the Quranic text but also explains the passages through background stories, and Words of Wisdom address challenging questions commonly asked by young children, while side stories focus on character-building traits.

taken from The Clear Quran for Kids by Dr. Mustafa Khattab

What Do I absolutely love about The Clear Quran for Kids?

The Clear Quran for Kids begins with a very thorough yet easy-to-understand Introduction of the Quran. It explains how each Prophet was sent a miracle that was suitable to their time, and how Quran is a miracle that exists from the time of the Prophet SAWS, to date.

Furthermore, Dr. Khattab has also explained the structure of the Quran, its divisions, the number of Surahs, and where/how the surahs got their names. The concept of Makki and Madani Surahs has also been explained in great detail, which can help us have a better understanding of the historical context of the surahs.

Why are certain stories repeated over and over again in different Surahs? Or why is a certain verse repeated many times within a Surah? I had these questions in my mind as a child, and I have not found a better explanation of these questions other than in this book.

The introduction is followed by a transliteration guide, a glossary to explain some terms that may be difficult for children, but could not be replaced in the translation, followed by definitions of Arabic words that have been used throughout the book. The book ends with eleven activities such as quizzes, coloring pages, word search, mazes, and much more.

What age range does The Clear Quran for kids cater to?

Ages 6 and up. This can be a great read-aloud for children under 6, and once they start reading, they can read it quite independently due to the writing style.

Where can you buy The Clear Quran for Kids?

You can purchase your copy from or

May Allah reward Dr. Khattab for his hard work and for his efforts in connecting young learners to the Quran. Ameen

Wishing you all a blessed Ramadan.

3 thoughts on “The Clear Quran For Kids – A Review”

  • Salaam, I am very interested in this book for my children but would like to verses related to women. I see he addresses hoor al ayn in the questions. How does he answer? Thank you!

    • Walaikum Salam. Here is the response to your question from the book THE CLEAR QURAN FOR KIDS:

      “According to verses 17-24, the believers will receive some great rewards in Jannah. The believing men will have wives with beautiful eyes. Now, someone may ask, “What is the reward of the believing women?” To answer this question, let’s think about the following story.
      There was a big celebration. Many kings, queens, royal families, important guests, and common people were invited. A reporter from a local newspaper covered the event. To give the readers a sense of the awesome celebration, he only described the amazing food, drinks, and sweets that were served to the common people. No details were given about the treatment of the royal guests. Readers were left to wonder about the incredible treats which the royal families received. Even if the reporter tried to describe those royal treats, it would have been beyond the readers’ imagination.
      Verses 17-24 talk about the reward of the regular believers. Readers of the Quran are left to
      wonder about the reward of others who will receive special honours on Judgment Day. No
      details are given about the reward of
      – Prophet Muhammad at and his family.
      – Other prophets and their families.
      – Great companions like Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman, and Ali
      – Great women like Maryam & (the mother of ‘Isa), Asiyah * (the wife of Pharaoh),
      Khadijah r (the Prophet’s wife), and Fatimah we (the Prophet’s daughter). (Recorded
      by Imam Ahmad}
      – Great scholars of Islam like Imam Al-Bukhari, Imam Muslim, Imam Abu Hanifah, Imam
      Ash-Shafi’i, Imam Malik, and Imam Ahmad.
      – The shahid – a person who dies a painful death for a good cause, such as those who lose
      their lives defending their country, women who die giving birth to a child, and those
      who die of major illnesses like cancer. (Recorded by Imam Ahmad}
      – Believing women who help men go to Jannah. If a person has a mother, the Prophet SAWS said that jannah lies under her feet (Recorded by Imam An Adian'”), A wife takes her husband to jannah because she completes the second half of his faith. Recorded by Imam At- Tabarani) If a man takes care of his daughters or sisters, they will help him go
      to Jannah. (Recorded by Imam At-Tirmizi}
      No one can imagine what Allah has prepared for them, because their reward is beyond human imagination.

      The Prophet is said that Jannah has a hundred levels. The distance between one level and the other is like the distance between the heavens and the earth. {Recorded by Imam At-Tirmizi Everyone will be placed in a level based on their good deeds. In some cases, the parents will be in level 70 for example and their children will be in level 50. Allah knows that the parents’ happiness is not complete without their children. There are two options here:
      For the parents to go down to the level of their children.
      For the children to go up to the level of their parents.
      According to verse 21 below, Allah will raise the children to the level of their parents because He is the Most Generous.”

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