Ramadan Preparation Part 2 – Home Education

Ramadan Preparation Part 2 – Home Education

Ramadan Preparation Part 2 – Home Education

We do not really decorate for Ramadan per se, but we do set up a corner in Ramadan like any other unit study. The corner consists of visuals, and a basket filled with books, activities and crafts.

Ramadan Calendar

Our Ramadan Calendar

How to make the Calendar:

I wanted to be very intentional on what I buy for Ramadan, as I do not like to buy something seasonal and then allow it to collect dust for the rest of the year and take up my valuable storage space. This year I got a Macrame Wall Hanging that we used for the Calendar. It came with the wooden clips. I plan to repurpose this and putting up spelling words or just having it as a piece of decor after Ramadan inshaAllah.

I purchased small brown envelopes and used stencils and a sharpie to label numbers.

What is inside the envelopes?

  1. Having a Ramadan Calendar has been a tradition. We have been using the same Quran cards for the past 4 years as B really enjoys them. We just change the way we use them each year. When B was 3, we just discussed the words to build Quranic Vocabulary. When she was 4, we repeated that and looked for the same word in the Quran. When she was 5, we tried reading the words and I discussed the Quranic context of the words. We did not do it last year as we were in the middle of an international move during Ramadan. This year we intend to learn how to locate a verse from the Quran, and read the verse inshaAllah.
  2. Now that B is 7, our main focus this Ramadan will be Salah inshaAllah. We also inserted salah reminders in each of the 30 envelopes from the free Salah pack that I downloaded and intend to use this Ramadan inshaAllah.
  3. A list of good deeds appropriate to her age and ability and putting each deed in an envelop inshaAllah. It is simple and the boxes are small enough to fit in small felt pockets. You can access the free printable below.
Inside the envelope.

Ramadan Day and Days Until Eid Poster – Free Printable

Now that B has grasped the concept of time, these printables will be good practice for her. I laminated these so we can use a dry erase markers to change the time and days. You can use any laminating sheets, and to be honest, the cheapest ones from amazon work great. I purchased these wooden frames from here. You can get your free printable from below.

Ramadan Basket

Ramadan Basket containing books and activities.
Some of our favourite book titles.

I have a list of recommended Ramadan books at my storefront which you can visit here. If you are in Canada or United States, visit your local library. You will be surprised with how many Ramadan and Eid books they have for children.

In addition to books, I printed a Ramadan journal which was available for free at Ummi.org that has all the lessons on Ramadan planned out for me. It also has quite a bit of writing, which I really appreaite. I also added a Ramadan activity pack from allamah.org – This has simple crafts that B can do independently. The activity pack will most likely be going in her Taraweeh bag to keep her occupied. As our masjid will be doing 20 rakah taraweeh, B will be praying the Fard and as many taraweeh rakahs as she can, after which she can do some quiet activities from her bag.

Prayer Mat

Her Grandmother gifted her this and she absolutely loves it. She purchased it from MuslimMoon, a Canadian company that makes beautiful machine washable prayer mats for adults and children.

Ramadan Banner and Itikaaf Tent

I was looking at some beautiful options on Amazon, but then I came across this minimalistic elegant free printable from one of the blogs. I will link them here, I printed it and laminated it for durability.

I was on a lookout for a nice play tent for the kids. I found a really nice one from Target, however there are a lot of options on amazon as well. I have linked one in my storefront under the title Ramadan and Eid Decor. B is old enough to understand the concept of Itikaaf, and the tent can be used even after Ramadan for the kids to play inshAllah.

I hope the above resources help you in planning out activities for your children. (Ramadan Part 1 is about meal planning – you can refer to the post under the Food tab.

Wishing you a productive and blessed Ramadan.

Until next time,


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