New Quarantine Routine and Free Ramadan Checklist Printable

New Quarantine Routine and Free Ramadan Checklist Printable

New Quarantine Routine and Free Ramadan Checklist Printable

Assalam Alaikum,

Instead of posting what we did in December (we did not do much as we went on a road trip) , I will be talking about our new quarantine routine and what we have thought of doing in Ramadan inshaAllah. I am posting a free “Things to do Everyday Checklist” printable that I created for B. Due to Covid-19, we are unable to visit the library and borrow books and so I have kept our homeschooling simple and minimal. There are three components that we cover everyday:

  • Qaida reading and Quran memorizaion review
  • Math Lesson
  • English reading and writing


we are using Tajweed made easy. We try to practice one lesson everyday, and repeat it until B is very fluent and confident with the lesson. We are slow, but speed does not matter. What matters is perfecting the foundation so that a child is able to read Quran with confidence inshaAllah.


I purchased the K curriculum from They are short 20 minute open-and-go lessons that require no preparation. The lessons incorporate religion and nature and have a play-based approach. Although the religion they preach is Christianity, I incorporate Islam wherever they talk about religion. B absolutely loves doing the lessons and thinks of them as games.


We completed the 100 easy lessons book, and B needs practice. As trips to the library are canceled, we are practicing with the books by Progressive phonics. It is a free phonics program that is quite comprehensive. For writing, we are just using up all the random workbooks we have lying around at our house. I purchased some from the dollar store, while others are hand-me-downs.

In Ramadan, I will be adding Ramadan journaling, read alouds and crafts to our schedule inshaAllah. I am attaching a Free checklist printable that I made for B. (dowload button at the end of the post) I laminated it and added velcro dot stickers to make it fun for B as she loves velcro dots. I hope you benefit from it inshaAllah. May Allah make this Ramadan productive, enable us to do good, and may He accept all our efforts. Ameen.

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