October Unit: Fall, Harvest and Safar (Part 3)

October Unit: Fall, Harvest and Safar (Part 3)

October Unit: Fall, Harvest and Safar (Part 3)

Islamic Studies

Islamic studies is the third and final component of this unit. I have divided this topic into 4 sub topics:

  1. Name of Allah
  2. Prophet of Allah – I also like to do a dua specific to the Prophet.
  3. Akhlaq of the month
  4. Islamic month

Name of Allah

  • Al Munshi’: The Producer (goes with the harvest and fall theme)Is it you who produced its tree, or are We the Producer? (Quran 56: 72)
  • It is Allah who controls the growth of Plants, trees, fruits, grains, vegetables and even our growth. This is a great blessing from Allah. 
  • Craft: Make a pretty frame of leaves and stick it on a paper plate. Write the name of Allah on it.

Prophet of Allah

  • Adam AS and the concept of beginning of creation
  • Book: Migo and Ali, The Greatest Stories from the Quran by Saniyasnain Khan (Goodword Kids)
  • Printable: Prophet Adam story and colouring page
  • Dua: [7:23] They said, “Our Lord, we have wronged ourselves, and if You do not forgive us and have mercy upon us, we will surely be among the losers.” Explain that as humans, we make mistakes and that is okay, As long as we say sorry to Allah and promise Allah to never repeat the mistake again. Allah has even taught us the special words to use to say sorry (seek forgiveness). The words (dua) of the Prophet to seek forgiveness. 
  • Craft: Prophet Adam story board – Paste felt on a cardboard, cut snippets of the story from felt and help the child retell the story by placing pieces of felt on the felt board. – This idea was of a very good friend of mine Javeria Aslam,who is also a fellow homeschooler. She blogs about her homeschooling journey on instagram with the handle @nurturingemaan.
  • Craft 2: Clay creation. Explain to the kids that that Adam AS was made of clay and Allah gave him life. We can make things out of clay, but we cannot give it life. Only Allah has the power to do something like that. It will be a hands on experience for them and they will remember the fact that we are all made of clay.

Akhlaq of the month

  • B is for Believer/ Backbiting
  • Make a chart with two figures of people on it. One saying yes and the other saying no. (things a believer should and should not do) brainstorm traits with your child and write the traits on labelling stickers and stick them on the appropriate person.
  • You can print the free template here:

Islamic Month

  • Safar and Halloween. Both are about superstitions and evil spirits. 
  • Explain the background behind Halloween and how it came into existence.
  • Halloween night (October 31st)  was originally the Celtic New Year’s Eve, called Samhain. Celtics are pagans (who believe in more than one God) They celebrated this night because they believed that the ghosts of the dead roamed the Earth. .  People built large fires on this night to burn crops and animals as sacrifices to the Celtic gods. During the festival they wore animal heads and skins as costumes. This was done so that the “spirits of the dead” would not recognize them and harm them.
  • It later made its way into Christianity and today Halloween is a multimillion dollar industry of candies and costumes. Halloween is a celebration that rejoices in all things magical and evil. In the Quran Allah says magic only harms and brings no benefit. (2:102)
  • Coincidently the Islamic Month of Safar also falls in this month which is in the pre-islamic days was believed to be a month of evil and bad luck. Prophet SAWS cleared these misconceptions about the month of Safar and stated that it is like any other month. 

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