November Unit: Animals in Winter, Hibernation and Seerah (Part 2)

November Unit: Animals in Winter, Hibernation and Seerah (Part 2)

November Unit: Animals in Winter, Hibernation and Seerah (Part 2)

As mentioned in the previous post, this month we shifted gears from workbooks to lapbooks. B was getting bored of the same old worksheets, and to be honest, so was I. My kind friend Javeria told us of this amazing resource called where lapbook materials are available for free for download. They have categorized with with age and subject as well, which makes it very easy to browse through and find what you are looking for.


We made 2 lapbooks this month based on 2 books:

Story book and Lapbok


We did a bunch of easy low prep crafts in this unit.

  • Sculpting Rabbit out of modeling clay
  • Fox suncatcher painting from dollar store
  • Make a den for a hibernating bear out of brown paper lunch bag
  • Bear masks – provided by Javeria
  • Hedgehog mask
  • Owl styrofoam cup puppet craft
  • Hibernation and camouflage craft – Javeria’s idea
Sculpting of Rabbit with modeling clay
Painting a Fox suncatcher
Bear Den made out of brown lunch bag and cotton wool depicting snow.
These masks were provided by Javeria – she got them from Micheals and the kids decorated them, and wore them pretending to be bears going in hibernation.
We got this free printable from Jan Brett’s Website. We pasted the paper on cardstock, and glued popsicle sticks that worked like handles.
The kids glued pre-cut foam sheets and white rose petals for feathers. We gave them markers to make some more feathers on the owl.
Javeria came up with this cool craft. All you need is brown construction paper, white paint and we printed these animals from the internet. The flap indicates animals that indicate underground and the ones on top camouflage in snow.

This is all that we did for crafts in the month of November. I hope you enjoyed the videos. I will be uploading the Islamic component of the unit in the next post.

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